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At the heart of FBU is its elite instructional staff made up of former NFL coaches and players, and other top professional coaches - the best technicians ever assembled – who spend 20 hours with our elite FBU athletes at each camp. Almost all of our instructors currently train, on a private basis, top NFL and college athletes preparing for the NFL Combine and the NFL Draft. They agree to teach at FBU because they understand that FBU gathers the nation’s top football players who desire and are prepared for the elite instruction they provide.

These are the FBU instructors who provide the private evaluation of our athletes at the end of each camp, and the instructors who, upon completion of FBU, will provide our athletes with their follow up off-season positional workout routine to nurture the progress of our young athletes.


"The FBU camps are legit! My son has attended three FBU camps plus TOP GUN. His improvement in his football skills has changed dramatically from each and every camp! We were a bit hesitant at first too, but gave it a try and right off the bat we were sure that we made the right investment. Yes, at every camp there are NFL players coaching you…but, you almost forget that they are/or were NFL players because they become so involved with you to make sure that what you are learning is the best that they can offer! FBU instills such confidence in all the players and they do not favor just one or two. It really is a great program!"

-Denise Clark D’Ambra (FBU Mom)

The ingredients needed to become an FBU lead instructor include:

1. On-field success in the NFL based on both great technique and physical ability.

2. Ownership of an elite curriculum and technology that has been used at the NFL level and/or the college level used to teach athletes for the NFL Draft and the NFL Combine.

3. Powerful ability to communicate the elite curriculum to the prep and youth athlete and the ability to “bring it down” to a level understood by our youth and prep athletes.

4. A passion to teach and inspire our FBU athletes for three days and the passion to teach “every rep” for 20 hours; the passion to change a young athlete’s career.