Learn the Best Used Practices From the Pros.

Rules for Success

On and Off The Field.

Player Development

Learn what it takes to succeed...off the field.

Preparing Under Pressure

Own the fourth quarter and perform in the clutch.

Football University teaching goes beyond the field. The FBU learning experience extends from the field, into the classroom and beyond.


The Learning Curve

FBU's goal is to train and develop athletes to help them improve their game, make plays at maximum speed as well as build character to be the best teammate, player and son that they can possibly be.

1. Leadership

Coaches are always looking for leaders on the team. Leaders are respected and they are players who put the team's success first and their individual achievements second. FBU helps young developing football players become leaders on the field, in the classroom and in the community by sharing leadership best practices used and proven by current and former NFL players and coaches.

2. Rules for Success

Rules for success is a vital part of the FBU experience. Our goal is to share with young football players what other successful football players have done to achieve great success on and off the football field. This presentation will give players the idea of the type of commitment and sacrifice that is needed to be successful in life. FBU believes in the three F's when it comes to being successful: Faith, Family and Football.

3. Performance Under Pressure

The ability to succeed under pressure is vital in the development of a young football player.  Most players can play hard and perform well in the first three quarters but what about when it's crunch time in the 4th quarter? The key to being able to play in pressure situations is balancing the mental and physical parts of the game when your opponent is not. This characteristic is displayed at all times during FBU camp both on the field and in the classroom. FBU instructors drive home the importance of mental reps so players understand that they must stay "locked in" even when they are not taking part in a drill and especially when in the classroom studying game film and a scouting report.

4. Nutrition

Athletes that are serious about taking their game to the next level are very particular about what kind of food they eat. There is a reason high-end luxury cars mandate that the owner not use low grade gasoline because it will impact the performance of the car. Working hard in the off season, training, lifting weights, and running is negated when an athlete puts fast food in his body before or after the workout. FBU stresses the importance of a balanced nutrition plan using a well balanced diet, FDA approved supplements and hydration. We stress that athletes treat their bodies as a race car that is always ready to perform at a high level and that what you put in your body is what you will get out of it.

5. Recruiting

FBU understands how important the recruiting process is, particularly for those players who put in the work in the classroom and on the field. The National Collegiate Scouting Association (NCSA) is a proud recruiting partner of FBU. They provide both players and parents with the education to properly manage the complex recruiting process. FBU stresses the core characteristics colleges are seeking to build their programs in the four S's of recruiting: Scholastics, Speed, Size and Strength. More importantly, FBU understands only a small percentage of players will play D-I football so we constantly push the ultimate goal of a good quality education, no matter if it's at a BCS, FBS, FCS, D-II, D-III or NAIA school.


FBU gives "training"

an entirely new meaning.

Technical Training

at All Positions



Running Backs

Wide Receivers



Defensive Backs




Cory Bennett (FBU Dad):

"Football University seems expensive at first, but once you witness what they do for the kids like the planning, info, recruiting and, most important, the mental aspect, it will for sure put your money woes at ease. This camp is a must for any kid wanting to better his football and gain life skills. Nick is doing great, full of self-esteem and positive energy! Thanx FBU! We will be here again next year."