At Football University, we strongly encourage youth and high school coaches to participate in the Football University process from exploration to registration to actual camp time. Coaches who deem their player(s) worthy of attending FBU should nominate them. The nomination process is the first step in securing your player(s) participation at Football University.

Although FBU does have an invitation-only policy, due to the elite level of training and athletes, we strongly encourage coaches to nominate their athletes for a chance to attend. Each nomination is closely reviewed by the FBU selection committee. And every athlete will be notified regardless of status, as to understand reasons behind approval, denial and next steps in the process.

Please refer to our main nomination and policy page for more information.

If you'd like to nominate your player/athlete, please click here to nominate a player now.


Shawn Fox (Dad/HS Football Coach):

"Parents please understand that I am a high school football coach at Tampa Catholic and I would not be saying this unless it was true. My son spent this weekend in Orlando at FBU, of course I was there to, this was by far the most intense and educational camp the both of us have experienced ever. If you can attend this camp I would strongly recommend it, and coached even if you don’t have a child at the camp attend and learn as much as you can from the pros. They had no problem with me being on the field and asking questions. In short FBU is well worth the money and an experience your child will charish for life. FB-U Know!"  - Coach Fox