College Exposure

Recruiting Seminar for Athletes and Parents



  Parents are as integral in the recruiting process as their son’s performance on the field. 
  As a result, athletes and parents are encouraged to attend a two-hour recruiting seminar, 
  which discusses the process and what can be done to maximize exposure.

   It’s what has sparked many parents to remark, “This session alone was worth the price of tuition.”



New at camp in 2014:

- Each player will get a verified ID from NCSA

- Top players at each position will get a profile on!



"Football University gives prospects maximum
media exposure with unparalleled instruction!"

          - 247Sports National Recruiting Director,
                               JC Shurburtt 



        DL Ray Drew went from FBU to TOP GUN to the U.S. Army All-American Bowl to a top University of Georgia recruit


Dedicated, serious athletes, FBU athletes, have one common goal: pursuing football at the highest level.

With this in mind, FBU created its three-fold approach to developing elite athletes:

  1. Make them better technical football players.

  2. Make them better athletes and prepare them for success at combines, games and beyond.

  3. Expose their entire football portfolio to as many colleges as possible.

The first two make the third far easier! says:

“No event is bigger than Football University.”

Media Exposure


It’s a can’t-miss event for the nation’s top recruiting service and local and national media outlets alike. FBU has been covered by the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, USA Today and

While some FBU athletes will gain exposure through media coverage, we provide all FBU athletes with the tools necessary to gain college exposure on their own.



Zack James (FBU Dad):

"Matthew Pyke from Clinton Tennessee who was an 8th grade Youth All-American 2 years ago has now received a letter of interest as a potential scholarship athlete from Mississippi State and LSU. Thanks forall you do FBU!"

Perspective on College Recruiting

As the sister property of the U.S. Army All-American Bowl, we’ve watched and spoke with the nation’s top recruits and their families. More importantly, we continuously work with college coaches and recruiting experts as we seek  to identify each class’ top preps. Collectively, it has provided an inside perspective on the recruiting process.

Until now, coaches looking to identify top players have been limited to reviewing game tape and highlight reels. While useful, coaches have realized that system is inherently flawed. Fair or not, the talent in different states and different divisions/groups within states is perceived differently, just as a 280-pound offensive lineman dominating a 160-pound defensive lineman is perceived differently than one facing competition his own size.

To account for this, we encourage and prepare athletes to do just what they came to FBU to do: compete against the best.

For a fair assessment in the eyes of college coaches, high school players need to seek out the top talent and compete against it. This includes combines, 7-on-7 tournaments and college camps, in addition to FBU.

And though it’s no longer your only resource for gaining exposure, players shouldn’t forget the highlight tape and should work with their high school coach to produce one.

(FBU Mom) Kim Dewitt:

"Brandon Dewitt, top gun/ FBU athlete, just got a scholarship offer from West Point tonight!  FB.....U Know!!!  Thanks FBU!  It has made all the difference!"

It’s what has sparked many parents to remark, “This session alone was worth the price of tuition.”


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