Doug Graber has been a great defensive back coach in both the college and professional ranks for many years.  He began his NFL coaching career with the Chiefs, followed by the Buccaneers, and finally the Jets.  During his time with the Chiefs, Graber coached Pro Bowlers Kevin Ross and Albert Lewis.   His Chiefs teams also set an NFL record, averaging 30 interceptions per year during his 4 years there.  While in college, Graber coached 4 first round draft picks.  When teaching the techniques of defensive back play he reiterates what Bo Shembeckler once said, “those who stay will be champions.”  Now Doug trains the next generation of football stars at Football University.


Doug Graber
FBU Defensive Back Coach
Coaching Career
Michigan Tech (1969-71)
Eastern Michigan (1972-75)
Ball State (1976-77)
Wisconsin (1978-81)
Montana State (1982)
Kansas City Chiefs (1983-86)
 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1987-89)
 Rutgers (1990-95)
Frankfort Galaxy (2001-03)
New York Jets (2004)
Ball State (2009) 

Career Highlights

NFL Europe Coach of the Year (2003)
World Bowl XI champion NFL Europe