Post-camp evaluation is an important part of the overall FBU learning process. Athletes and their parents meet with their FBU Instructor privately to evaluate their current and potential ability. FBU Alumni use this evaluation throughout the year to help improve their technique, skill, and overall play-making ability to maximize their football potential.


Photo above: FBU athlete and his dad meet with FBU wide receiver instructor Billy "White Shoes" Johnson for post-camp evaluation.


Randy Rodgers FBU Evaluations

Texas Recruiting Expert and Former Texas Longhorns Recruiting Coordinator Joins FBU!!

FBU is proud to announce that former Univ. of Texas Recruiting Coordinator, Randy Rodgers, has joined the FBU family as our Southwest Region Recruiting Analyst!

Rodgers brings more than 35 years of expertise in the college recruiting arena. He has served as a major college coach and Division I recruiting coordinator at the Univ. of Illinois and the Univ. of Evansville, in addition to his time with the Texas Longhorns.

He has experience at the high school and community college levels, which help add to his complete knowledge of the recruiting landscape.

Currently, he publishes the Rodgers Recruiting Report, runs recruiting education workshops for athletes and parents, runs the Lone Star Kicking Challenge, is a recruiting analyst for Dave Campbell’s Texas Football Magazine and also is the studio host and recruiting analyst for Fox Sports Southwest.

Randy attended the Houston FBU camp on Feb. 10-12 at The Woodlands High School and will be at the Odessa FBU camp June 8-10.

For more information on Randy, go to http://randyrodgersrecruiting.com/_s_about.asp

Randy's FBU Houston Evaluations


I think that the 9th/10th grade group was really deep with a lot of good young throwers, who will
challenge for varsity level action within the next two years. Among those who flashed ability and arm strength
were: 10th graders: Jonathan Toth, William Little, Jared Morgan, Rand Turnbull; 9th graders: Sean Kirkpatrick, Jordan Johnson, Shane Stafford, Cody Wilson, Wyatt Stevenson, Diego

Running Backs:

Bryce Peters - Cy Falls: Bryce is a legit Division I product, he was clearly the guy who looked like a Division I
prospect. A solid 200 lbs without any body fat, he really worked hard and was always the first guy in line. Thick
all over, he showed he could catch the ball out of the backfield. Not a natural pass catcher, I thought he got better
every practice. He has speed and power and can certainly break tackles, but needs to continue working on his
ability to make tacklers miss, via jump cuts, lateral acceleration, and vision. One of the top 2013 RBs in the Greater
Houston area.
Michael Dunn - Clear Spring: Only a 9th grader, he caught my eye early in the camp. Really fast, can make cuts
and make defenders miss. Michael was always up front with older players, but at times he needed to relax, because
I thought he was in a hurry. I really liked his acceleration.
Xavier Powell – Tomball: Good size for a young player. I was impressed with his hands in the receiving drills.
Xavier had a number of good plays in the Red Zone 1 on 1—was tough for LB’s to cover.

Wide Receivers:

Jacorey Warrick - Cy Falls: Jacorey was the best varsity level prospect and has several Division I offers. He has
a really long body, long legs, although not tall. Very quick off the snap, he was one of the toughest for the DB’s to
defend in the jam/release drill. He is well coached and a pretty precise route runner, impressive in that he extended
his arms to catch the ball, never trapping against his chest. Liked his ability to sink hips and burst out of cuts.
Darvin Kidsy - Ft. Bend Elkins: Darvin made an impression on me once WR’s started working against DB’s. He
showed good foot work in the jam/release drill and was hard to cover in the 1 on 1’s. He made several good
athletic catches.
Jalyn Judkins – Angleton: Best looking of the receivers. Pushing 6’3, with big body, almost looks like he could
grow into a TE. Jalyn could grow more with size 15 shoes. He has soft hands and easily caught poorly thrown
balls. Jalyn has big hands and is able to tuck after the catch. Highly competitive, he showed a temper at times.
He’s a long strider, who needs to work on the ability to get to top end speed quickly.
Chase Ragusa - Cy Woods: The more you watched, the more you were impressed with Chase. He is short legged,
but really good at making cuts, showed body control and vice grip hands. Really competitive, it seemed like every
time he came up in the 1 on 1’s, he got open and made the catch.

Offensive Line:

Kenneth Thompson - Langham Creek: I thought Kenneth was the best overall OL in the camp. He performed
with a sore knee that he strained breaking his school’s record for the Power Clean. Kenneth is a natural guard,
who could also play center, because of his wide blocking base, quickness and lateral movement. I thought he was
his best at both pass blocking and run blocking because of his initial punch and initial foot quickness. He is a
borderline tackle prospect at 6’4, but has 78 ½ wing span. Natural knee bend who gets out of his stance quickly
and maintains good pad level and balance. Kenneth has already been offered by Division I colleges.
Christian Daimler - Houston Stratford: I thought Christian was the second best OL as an OT prospect. He is 6’7,
with a huge 81 inch wingspan. His outstanding length works against him as a knee bender and that is something
he will have to continue working on. He struggled at times maintaining pad level in the one on one’s, because all
of the defensive linemen were significantly shorter. Christian responded well to coaching when encouraged to
increase his intensity. He needs to work on keeping hands inside to avoid holding calls. Pretty good pad level and
balance for a tall kid.

Defensive Line:

The best looking, most athletic player was Da-Itekena Cheetham-West from Kingwood. At 6’3, he has long
arms and legs and showed the most quickness and athleticism in the drills. Young, he needs to build strength, but
with size 14 shoes, he is likely to grow. He might wind up as an OLB at the next level.
The most competitive player was 8th grader Lucas Plate from Splendora. He didn’t back down vs. players four
years older, maintained good pad level and leverage and was a fierce competitor.


Cameron Townsend - Ft. Bend Bridgepoint: – Cameron is only a 9th grader, but tall and lean. He was the fastest
and most athletic in the bag drills. Has some length, but able to change directions easily. Athleticism helps him in
coverage drills. He really picked up the drills quickly and impressed me as being a smart player. Needs a big off
season to fill out that young body, but should be a varsity level performer as a sophomore this fall.
Joshua Flowers - Westbury Christian: Joshua is also a 9th grader. He had a linebacker-looking body. He’s a little
on the short side, but really thick, with strong lower body. Joshua was easily the hardest working Linebacker in
the drills. He was able to bend his knees and maintain good football position. Would guess he is a really good
tackler. Needs to work on agility in open field and coverage skills, but advanced for such a young player.
Bradley Cunningham - Houston Westside—a 10th grader, but had the best looking varsity type body. Another
guy I’m betting is a good tackler, because of his base and strong lower body. Bradley has the tendency to raise his
pad level during drills. He needs to work on coverage skills, but easily the guy who scouts would notice because
of his physical stature.

Defensive Backs:

Kelsey Douglas - Ft. Bend Hightower: I liked his speed and closing burst. Could make quick flip turns and
accelerate. Kelsey competed very well in the 1 on 1 drill. Has good strength to make effective jams at LOS.
Really nice hands, big enough body and will grow and fill out some more. I was really impressed by his
athleticism. Team took second in the state in Class 5A, so he has experience playing against top level competition.
Reginald Anderson - Ft. Bend Austin: Great looking kid, really muscled up and powerful. He is really strong
and effective at jamming receivers. Reginald needs to relax a bit, because his eagerness caused him to over
commit at times. Thought he had really strong hands and good ball skills. Really played well in the Red Zone 1
on 1’s and looked really comfortable in 7 on 7 competition.
Marlon Wall – Pearland: Marlon might have been the best prospect, even though he was a 10th grader. He is very
fast and very explosive. Played safety in the 7 on 7—would have liked to see him take more reps at corner. Also
has a tendency to be over eager and lunge on jam vs. release drills. He does a nice job adjusting to breaking
receivers, but needs to find the ball quicker and more consistently. Could be a prospect at either safety or corner,
but has a corner’s body.