FBU Canada Testimonials

Alumni Testimonials

"FBU is the best thing that has ever happened to youth playing footballin Canada. FBU takes a pretty good football player and turns them intoan all-round athlete fully prepared to compete at the next level…The FBU experience wasn’t just for the players either, parents left thecamp feeling far more informed and empowered to help their athletesprepare to be the best that they can be on and off the field. FBU providedhighly qualified coaches and support staff, who motivated, coachedand inspired players to excel in the sport they are most passionateabout...Football! Parents and Players Be Informed, Be in The Know,There’s Only One Choice- FB U Know!"  – Elise PastroMother of FBU Vancouver Athlete

"My son, Brody learned a whole season worth of techniquesand work ethic in a single weekend and earned himself aninvite to Top Gun next year! In three days, he went fromthrowing a pretty good ball, to hitting receivers on fade andcorner routes in stride! His confidence is through the roof!"  – Chris Reyno Father of FBU Nova Scotia Athlete

"This experience has affected me in so many ways. It has changed the way I look at school, the way I play football, and the way I eat. My opinion is that this is a life changing experience and that this is one of the best football camps there is. If you are thinking about taking your football career to the next level than FBU is definitely for you."   - Jamey and Jake Loucks ( FBU - Ottawa and Top Gun 2011 Alumni)

" Willy absolutely DID love the camp, but he struggled to come out of his shell a bit, we talked on the way home, he felt slightly out of his element and I think that held him back a bit, even during the evaluation, DeChon said he saw it too, and told Willy he needs to get confident with his ability. He certainly has ability but needs to build the confidence with it. I really think another camp would help him out with that immensley, and being as we take a vacation anyway, we figured we would make it  Hawaii and hit two things at once. What Willy lacks in ability so far, he certainly makes up for in heart, soul and determination. He is determined to go as far as he possibly can, and  Coach DeChon Burns was very encouraging!

I just wanted to say THANKYOU. For your persistence in bringing this phenomenal opportunity to Canada, to allow our young football stars to experience an elite level of training.

After watching my son Willy participate at the FBU Atlantic camp, I realized that being a part of the FBU experience is so much more than just enhancing skills, or fueling the passion and awareness for the game. Its about seeing the spark of pride and confidence flash in your childs eye as they stand next to their NFL and superbowl coaches, heros and idols. Its the belief they develope in themselves upon hearing NFL icons say "you did it!".......Tracey Thompson, Moncton NB. ( FBU Parent of  Atlantic  Alumni Willy Young) 

"It's hard to believe its been a month since our arrival in San Antonio! Over the past year, our experience with FBU has gone from FBU Toronto to Top Gun Virginia then Eastbay Youth All American Bowl in San Antonio-what a ride! Through each of the events we were impressed by the level of organization and expertise that FBU offers. No where else can you find such top class coaching-(especially for those of us in Canada). What I am most impressed with is the commitment that FBU makes to the young  men who join the FBU family-teaching them the qualities that help them to achieve success-both on and off the field. . Thanks so much for the past year, can't wait for FBU Toronto!"   Jennifer Mairleitner  FBU Mom (FBU Toronto Alumni Drew Mairleitner)

Canadians at Top Gun  

 "We wanted to commend your whole organization on the excellentTop Gun camp this year. It was our first year attending and wecouldn’t be more impressed. It was a massive undertaking andran so smoothly! Your organization went out of its way to makethe opening and closing ceremonies memorable and enjoyable.The coaching is beyond belief. The exposure to top NFL playersand coaches makes your camp second to none. Our son learnedso much in the 3 days he spent at camp!"

– Tom and Kellie Kirkpatrick  Ontario, Canada