Invite Policy


FBU's Invitation Only Concept
Football University was founded as an elite educational and technical football training camp, aiming to train athletes that meet the following criteria:

-Committed to playing football
-Serious about to improving
-Deciated to making it at the next level

Because of that foundation, we institute an invite-only policy as the guide to admission and enrollment to our camps.


Price to Attend Camp

You can attend a camp for as low as $495! There are also multiple payment plans available, see video below. 

To gain admission into Football University, an athlete must first: A.) be nominated by another person, or B.) nominate himself.  After the submission of a nomination, our staff will then review the qualifications of the athlete. Following that, we will send an official invitation with a verified registration code. That is your official ticket to FBU. Once you have that, you can register with your code to officially enroll at Football University camps. 


Football University uses an invitation-only policy for several reasons.

First, similar talent amongst position groups makes for a better instructional setting, while the low athlete-coach ratio provides a premium training and education environment.  Athletes in larger camp groups drift off task because of too much instruction from the coach to the whole group, rather than individual instruction.  Smaller groups, like the ones found at Football University, benefit all athletes because of the individual attention given by coaches.  It has been shown that FBU athletes see significant increases in performance and achievement post-camp, due in part to a low athlete-coach ratio at camp.

Second, most of our FBU coaches provide private or group training to top NFL, college, and prep athletes. Training dedicated athletes, in small groups, is what they are accustomed to.

Finally, with FBU now in its seventh year, we simply cannot accommodate every athlete that wants this high-level training per region.  The majority of our camps sell out, and the invitation only concept allows us to focus on the athletes who can best benefit from FBU training.

Selection Policy
Football University has created a national network of more than 1,000 prep and youth coaches across the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.  These FBU Scouts and Regional Directors analyze athletes in their respective regions, speak with coaches, and help identify the nation's top prep and youth football players.  Along with our selection team for our sister property, the U.S. Army All-American Bowl, Football University tracks the nation's top football players throughout the year.  FBU then breaks down the athletes by region to identify the top 350 football players per region, known as the Impact 350 - or i350.

Starting in November invitations are sent to each athlete, either to his school or to his home.  Every athlete will be asked to reserve their spot immediately after receiving their invitation - or they may lose their place to another invited athlete.  If an athlete has a conflict on the FBU weekend in their city, FBU will work with the athlete to coordinate attending FBU in another city on a different date.

If the athlete and/or their parents encounter issues paying the full camp tuition, we are here to help.  Call us at (973)-366-8448 and a member of our dedicated staff will gladly work with you to either set up a payment plan or start a fundraiser.

Invitation - Breakdown by Position
FBU camps are broken down by position and by grade level, as determined by class in the upcoming school year.  The breakdown is just a model that we will use as a starting point - but we will vary the numbers based on the identified talent in each region and in each class.

Ready to nominate yourself?  Want to nominate teammates or athletes you know?