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The FBU Three-Fold Approach

Dedicated, serious athletes – FBU athletes – have one common goal: pursuing football at the highest level. With this in mind, FBU created its three-fold approach to developing elite athletes:

1. Make them better technical football players.
2. Make them better athletes and prepare them for success at combines.
3. Expose their entire football portfolio to as many colleges as possible.

The first two make the third far easier.

FBU takes elite athletes – elite football players – and turns them into elite quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers, linemen, linebackers and defensive backs. Registered athletes choose one position and receive position-specific, technique training from coaches whose methods are NFL-tested.

The three days and 20 hours of training consist of individual drills and one-on-ones, as players implement what they’ve learned, testing their technique against other athletes. At the end of camp, athletes receive an FSAT (Football Skill and Technical) grade reflecting their speed, strength and performance in positional drills.

Many FBU athletes have been the best player on the field every time they stepped on it. For most, athleticism, speed and size got them there. By refining your raw abilities and honing your technique, FBU’s goal is to ensure that this remains true regardless of the competition and level of play.

Technical Training
at all Positions  



Running Backs

Wide Receivers



Defensive Backs

Kickers, Punters, Long Snappers 

"From day one to the closing ceremony I was amazed at the amount of talent I saw out there in terms of the athletes this organization assembled.  But hats off to you and your staff in assembling some of the most talented coaching staff, I am truly impressed beyond words. Only attending two camps thus far, I have seen an increase in Brady's technique and raise in his game play to another level. I truly say thank you to this organization for the extra time and effort put into these athletes."

- Jon Rastia (FBU Dad)