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  • To the Prestigious, Knowledged, Dedicated and most of all CARING staff of FBU/Nashville;

    I’d like to take this brief moment to just offer you my most SINCERE and heartfelt thanks for this past weekend at the FBU Training camp!
    I will admit, when I first heard about the session… the organization at all…, I was skeptical!
    (As a single Mom every penny counts in my household, and let’s be honest… “Camp aint cheap”!)
    Within the first FIVE minutes of walking into the building even before orientation, I could tell that I had stumbled on to something special!!! The atmosphere was ELECTRIC and the vibe was motivating and no one had even spoken a single word from your organization yet. Once in orientation I KNEW without a shadow of a doubt that I had something special for my Son!
    Over the three day camp, we were welcomed with information that I not only found to be a necessity for him in his football journey, but life lessons were given as well. Broken down to a level of understanding that can only come from the teachers desire to see the student absorb the material!!
    IT WASN’T ALL ABOUT FOOTBALL!!! IT WAS ABOUT THE WHOLE BEING OF MY SON! They Covered everything from Nutrition, to Social Issues (i.e. Bullying, teen pregnancy, finances)…anything that could deter the success of my Son or hinder him from reaching and obtaining a degree in college.
    Often I find myself in a predicament where I wish I had strong, positive role model men who would be willing to take even a FEW moments to just chat with my boys. Well let me tell you, from the registration process all the way down to the last UKNOW… My Babies were SURROUNDED by them!
    And it’s not all about the money at FBU. I didn’t have anywhere else for my youngest son to go while Big Brother was at camp, so he tagged along. They made sure He, along with the other boys: Ate, had hydration AND fun (He was given a football, the back of the end zone and a coach’s son to toss balls with). The Coaches even took time out of their own breaks to just talk to him…listen to him…encourage him and yes, even got in that tail as only a strong man can do!
    HE SAID IT WAS THE BEST WEEKEND OF HIS LIFE and I didn’t spend a DOLLAR for anything that he got out of the camp!
    I always tell my boys that they can be whatever they want to be. I always tell them that they can go to whatever school that they wish if they work hard enough at it, but… in the back of my heart I was truly scared that they wouldn’t be able to go to school at all because I can’t afford to send them. However, I can’t sing the praises of Football University Enough! For the first time, I TRULY feel that my Son is going to be able to go to college. I never lied to him when I told him he was going to get a scholarship; I was just trying to be optimistic. Now, with the help of FBU; I’m just waiting for it to happen!!! He will most definitely be at more camps! THIS IS A SACRIFICE THAT I AM MORE THAN HAPPY TO MAKE! Thank you, God Bless you and God Bless FBUKNOW!!!!

    Ms. C Sullivan



I highly recommend you and your organization! 

What GREAT COACHES! My Grandson Sam Richter, the youngest and littlest Center out there he's 12 years old.

He was coached by BEST INFORMED AND CARING coaches I have ever been around. I am 69 years old, I have been to my share of so called football camps. I want to show GREAT appreciation to the two men who I met coached my grandson COACH BOB WYLIE and COACH MIKE DIAZ! Sam began playing when he was 9 and these two WONDERFUL COACHES TURNED THE LIGHT ON FOR Sam. 

We will be at Calabasas and Escondido next year. Sam's Mom and Dad were very excited It would not surprise me if Sam's not already signed up.

I would personally like to thank COACH SEAN SALISBURY for making me a better QB coach for Santa Monica High School Viking Football team. Who has it better than those QB's being trained by COACH SEAN SALISBURY... NOBODY!

I would like to extend an invitation to you and all of your Coaches, if you'll are in Los Angeles on Sunday's at 1:00 pm come join us on campus at USC we start in KAP hall the math building, then study hall, then we take the field. Please come by and critique us. We are teaching Urban Center Children. We feed them and make sure they are hydrated.

Again Thank You and All of your COACHES!

Be Blessed

Coach Bill

Smart QB's





Mr. Steve Quinn & FBU Program

Words cannot express the gratitude my son Cameron and I feel in our hearts. Your program superseded any and all expectations we had in mind about a football clinic. As you already know I am a results driven, very involved, parent who does not allow excuses to get in the way of results. Your program takes that to the next level. The professionalism, attitude, attention to the individual was paramount. I grew up around professional football players and camps. Your camp was a concentration of 20 years of progress, all in a well structured, completely instructional, pinpointed to perfection program. WE ARE FBU LIFER'S!!! Long after my son grows up, I will always want to be a part of helping, volunteering, or contributing by exclaiming out loud how wonderful your program is. EVERY SINGLE COACH was completely approachable, and made us feel like we knew them for 15 years.

My son woke up this morning at 430am to work out before school. When I asked him why he was up so early he said "DAD, you were there, 10,000 hrs. 500 Footballs a day, better have your arm ready at 130. Sleep is for average people."  You guys have motivated a monster. Thank you for helping raise the bar for my already highly competitive straight "A" son. I will always be deeply grateful, for the honesty from Coach Poole as well.

David Sutton


To the Football University Directors, Staff and Coaches:
"I wanted to take a moment to express my absolute gratitude for the FBU program. I also want 
to thank you, in advance, for taking a moment to read this note in its entirety. While many 
of the families that are aware of, and attend, FBU camps may have children who have 
participated on travelling teams, elite teams, competitive youth teams or (in) other camps, 
my son came to your camp with no more experience than the local “volunteer dad”  coached 
league where every practice took place on the playground behind the local elementary 
school. In hindsight, I should have sought out a different football experience from the 
beginning, however, as a single mom raising a large family in a very busy household, I put 
no more thought into football than I did soccer, violin, swim team, scouts, or any of the 
other activities that my kids were all involved in.
As the years passed, he kept asking for me to sign him up again. Now, our community is NOT 
a football haven. Soccer, tennis and basketball garnish far more attention and support. As 
such, our youth football team was non-competitive. The coaches were volunteer dads who did 
the best that they could. After 5 seasons in various “community leagues”, my son had been 
exposed to very little skill development, zero skill assessment  and a losing streak that 
went on all 5 years. Finally, as middle school approached, he asked me if I could find him 
some real training to help him improve.  Sometimes, as a parent venturing into new 
territory, you simply don’t know what you don’t know. So, I googled “Football Camp” and 
“Football Skill Development” and the FBU website came up. Not knowing anything about it, 
and little about football in general, I took a chance on a camp relatively close to our 
home and registered my son.
From the moment he arrived, the entire experience was so far removed from our community 
youth league football that I wondered if, perhaps,  I had made a mistake signing him up for 
the camp at all. He was overwhelmed, out skilled, out run and out performed at every turn. 
He, literally, got ran over on the field. Many times! (Smile) He had never worked the 
drills, never worked with a quarterback who could actually throw and had never worked a 
single drill that involved catching the football.  His entire training experience prior had 
consisted of someone handing him the ball (because nobody could throw or catch) and saying, 
“Knock the other guys down and get it to the goal.”  Because he was better than most of the 
other kids at somehow finding the end of the field, the coaches told him he was a good 
running back. This weekend as he was standing next to real youth running backs at FBU, that 
comment seemed  ludicrous and irresponsible. He was no more “a good running back” than he 
was a good ballerina. It wasn’t that he couldn’t be, however, for the first time he saw 
what a youth running back should actually look like. For him, coming face to face with that 
reality was both humbling and necessary.
Though the second day of practice was brutal and his mistakes were plentiful, Coach Ty 
continued to work with him. By the third day he showed improvement and was beginning to 
look like he belonged out on the field with the other players. By no means was he at the 
top of any drill but he caught more, fell less and worked harder.  Though he received a Top 
Gun invite, (which was generous - LOL) he has opted for the Stamford, CT camp.  He told me 
that he didn’t want to go to Top Gun until “he felt like he deserved to be there.”  He was 
up this morning at 7 AM, running mock routes in the park next to our home and asking anyone 
within earshot to throw the ball his way.  He has always loved football. Now, thanks to 
Coach Ty Knott and the FBU experience, he is motivated to find the tools that he needs to 
excel at it.
We have made some connections here in Columbus and will seek support training out of our 
community. That would never have happened without the networking provided by your 
organization.  I realize that FBU runs on recommendations and referrals. As such, 
testimonies can make a difference.  With that in mind, please allow me to say this:
My son learned more in 3 days at FBU than he learned in 5 years of community football. The 
drills were practical, effective and can be put to use immediately. Though the coaches all 
have professional experience that would be the envy of nearly any football enthusiast, 
player or coach, they were 100% focused on helping every player get better. No player, 
regardless quality of skill, was given special treatment. As an individual who has worked 
with youth athletes (though in a different arena) for the past 25 years, I have never been 
more impressed with an organization that is dedicated to helping youth develop athletic 
skill and character. Our weekend experience was professional, productive and – without 
question – worth FAR more than our investment.  As a parent, I thank everyone in the 
organization for helping my son to truly understand what it will take for him to reach a 
new level of performance and then helping to provide a pathway for him to get there. To any 
parent who feels that they "may not know what they don't know", do yourself, and your son, 
a huge favor and get to an FBU camp. They DO know. 
Please feel free to re-print any part of this letter in any capacity that will promote your 
programs. As I don't have an email to contact the coach who worked with my son, I would 
appreciate if it could be forwarded to him (Coach Ty Knott) so he may be made aware of the 
positive impact he had on Reece."  

- Kelly Muir  FBU Parent / Reece Wilson   Cleveland FBU Camp 2012 


"My son was invited to FBU Houston. It was the best technical football instruction in the country, and unlike any other football experience I have seen in my long football career."

- Ken Houston, NFL Hall of Fame Defensive Back (Washington Redskins) and Parent of an FBU Houston Athlete

"The Charlotte camp held this past weekend was my son's first experience with FBU.  The coaching and reps he received during the two-and-a-half days were tremendous.  His coaches, Billy "White Shoes" Johnson and Yancy Thigpen, communicated and interracted with the players unbelievably.  The film study breakdowns were of great help in letting the boys see what the coaches were explaining on the field and the entire staff and volunteers were very polite and willing to help.  The schedule was well thought out with no time wasted during the entire camp. 

"I would recommend this camp to any player who is serious and committed to being the best high school player they can be with aspirations of reaching the next level. These guys will give you a blue print on how to make it a reality.  TOP GUN is on the radar!  Thanks again for a great camp and we look forward to the next time."   

- Jason Ames, Father of an FBU Charlotte athlete

"Thank you, FBU, for an unbelievable experience. I cannot tell you how impressed I was to watch my son complete the same drills with the same coach that some of our favorite NFL players have worked with. The expertise of your staff is displayed minute by minute … You should take great pride in the service you provide and the expert staff."

- T.J. McKay, Father of an FBU Phoenix Athlete


“My son, Jared, went in as a football player and came out both mentally and physically a much better football athlete. FBU on-field instruction, classroom instruction, and an above-and-beyond training staff helped Jared. Thanks so much, FBU!”

- Sonia Labades, Mother of an FBU Denver Athlete


"This was BY FAR the MOST well run, informative and beneficial camp that my son has attended. Every player receives tremendous attention by the second-to-none coaching staff and the skills learned have really stepped up his game. Worth every penny and then some. We look forward to FBU 2012."

- Donna Morin, Mother of an FBU Boston Athlete


“This past FBU weekend in Charlotte was amazing! My son Josh has been to several football camps in the past, but nothing compares to FBU! He had a blast and his coaches were awesome! The amount of information and training you guys pack into a short amount of time is great. As a parent I especially like the emphasis that is placed on a good education that can be obtained through the sport of football. Josh is already looking forward to next year!”

- Richard Clark, son of an FBU Charlotte athlete

“My son attended the Denver camp and his FBU coach gave him the skills to know how to apply on the field what he was learning. To this day, he is a completely different football player and I will forever be grateful to FBU for placing such an importance on who teaches and trains the kids and for executing with precision their plans for the camp!”


- Sarai Bauer Thornton, Mother of FBU Denver athlete


“Thanks to Football University for the outstanding football instruction and character building that my son received at Indianapolis and Williamsburg. With over 20 years of coaching under my belt at the youth, junior high, and high school levels, I can safely say that I have not experienced a better camp than FBU. The offensive line instruction was outstanding, and I believe that I probably learned as much as my boy did. Where else in America could a player pay that little for that quality of instruction? Again, thank you all for inviting my son to both the FBU Indianapolis Camp and the Williamsburg Top Gun Camp.”  

-Dan Byrd, Ohio Father of FBU Indianapolis and Top Gun athlete


“We just got back from being at the Ottawa FBU camp with my son Ryan...one of the best experiences of his life. It was very intense. He got better and stronger each day. Thanks for an awesome experience that we’ll never forget. FB…U KNOW!”

- Donna Kerr, Mother of FBU Ottawa athlete


“I want to express our thanks and deepest appreciation to you and the entire FBU team (admin, logistics, staff, coaches) for what FBU brings to student athletes!

Our son is a rising Senior who has attended various camps and combines (NUC, Nike, ESPNRise, etc.) since 8th grade and while those have been beneficial to him, FBU is truly top notch. The classroom instruction, on-field training, professional coaching and mentoring you all have provided this weekend has been phenomenal.  The interaction I have observed between these professionals and student athletes demonstrates heartfelt care and assurance that these young men are prepared for college on the field, in the classroom and for life beyond the game of football. Isaiah was impressed from Day One and tells us that it was well worth his long trip. 

Kudos to Mr. McGuinness for vision and to the community of professionals who have rallied around this program. Thank you for bringing this level of preparation to our student athletes!”

- Kathy Grooms, Mother of FBU Athlete